• Sod

  • Installing sod provides an instant lawn on your property. However, sod requires more care to maintain a great look. We provide the best sod in Omaha. Our sod is grown in Nebraska under great care. We back up the sod installation that we offer you with personalized customer service. Our experts know the importance of taking extensive care of sod and that is exactly what we do.

    The roots of new sod are shallow and they take time before they establish themselves in the soil. We offer comprehensive services to ensure that your sod is fully established and that you have a beautiful lawn.


    Your new sod needs more water than an established lawn. Its roots need moisture consistently. We provide careful instruction on watering new sod to help establish its roots.

    Establishing Roots

    You should not walk on your new sod for a minimum of 10 days. Foot traffic should also be reduced for 3 to 4 weeks especially if the conditions are very wet or dry. This enables your sod to establish roots. Any disturbance will affect this process. We use tapes, strings and stakes to mark the perimeter of your lawn. This ensures that your sod becomes a healthy and nice-looking lawn.


    In most cases, sod is fertilized before harvesting. You usually don't have to fertilize it for about two months after installation. After one or two months, granular fertilizer can be applied. We know the right fertilizer that should be applied on your lawn. The fertilizer that we apply on your lawn supplies it with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous at the right ratio. We also water your lawn thoroughly after applying fertilizer. This enables the sod to better utilize the applied fertilizer.


    New sod should be mowed seven to ten days after installation. The grass should be at least 3.5 inches tall before mowing. We use the right mowing height to mow your new sod lawn. Our mower has sharp blades which do not damage the new sod.

    We are lawn care experts and we know how to take care of sod. If you have a yard where you intend to install new sod, let us do this job for you. We will work with you from the start to finish. Once installed, our experts will guide you in every maintenance step to ensure that your sod grows into a well-established, vigorously growing lawn.

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