• Overseeding

  • Overseeding may sound simple but it might make all the difference between drab, dry grass and a vigorous lawn. Some homeowners don't consider the importance of lawn seeding in lawn care and maintenance. If you do not introduce new seeds to your lawn, the grass will eventually grow old, thin and tired. This will cause turf and weeds to take over your garden or yard.

    We know how important your lawn is and want to ensure this doesn't happen. Our goal is to ensure that you always have a vigorously growing lawn on your property. Older grass is very slow at reproducing. Once we overseed your lawn, it will grow healthier and thicker. Our service will enable you to choke-out diseased grass and weeds with new seeds.

    Rejuvenate Your Lawn by Overseeding

    Overseeding is an important aspect of our lawn care service. We use special pest and disease resistant grass seed to overseed your lawn. The new grass will restore your weakened and thinned lawn from drought or harsh seasons.

    We use the right seed on your lawn to ensure that you always have the right mixture of grass. With our overseeding service, your lawn will look rejuvenated and more attractive.

    Overseeding plays an important role in enhancing the health, growth and appearance of your lawn!