• Lawn Programs

  • Standard Program

    The lawn of your commercial or residential property is part of the environment or landscape that appeals to you and your visitors. If your lawn does not have a good appearance, your image or that of your company suffers. A good lawn program lets you leave your lawn to experts to take care of it. This is very important because it ensures that your lawn always has a healthy, brilliant look.

    Our lawn experts know how to take care of lawns.

    We are experienced professionals who are devoted to establishing good-looking, vigorously growing lawns. With our lawn program, you will always have a great looking lawn without spending a lot of your own time taking care of it.

    Custom Program

    We know that the lawn care needs of each property are different. We offer several different programs from which you can choose the most ideal lawn care program to fit your needs. Each program has different features. Our experts are always available to help you choose the best program to accommodate your expectations and budget.

    A typical lawn program includes:

    • Weekly mowing
    • One aeration
    • Five seasonal fertilizers
    • Application of summer solution

    A customized lawn program can be created to include other services such as lawn inspection, weed management and insect control among others. You can also select individual services to be included in each visit. Such services include grub treatment and organic grass builder among others.

    Professional Lawn Care

    Every lawn program is established by our lawn care specialists who have undergone intensive training. These are specialists who use the best quality grass seed, lawn fertilizers, weed and insect control products. Your lawn maintenance will be done in a professional manner during all visits. Our lawn care experts are the best in Omaha.

    Each expert that will attend to your lawn is knowledgeable and experienced about weed control, crabgrass control, lawn fertilization and broadleaf weed control. To maintain a healthy and weed-free grass, we may use granular and liquid applications. All applications will be done at the right time throughout the year. We may also include lime treatment to enhance pH balance.

    When you couple our lawn program with regular mowing and good watering, you will have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Visitors will be impressed by the appearance and the feel of the lawn in your residential or commercial property.