• Grub Control

  • If you don't control grubs, within months they will ruin the lawn that you have taken years to establish. Grubs feed on the root-structure of the lawn. They lay waste to large areas and ruin the smooth texture and green color of the lawn, turning it a yellow-brown.

    Careful planning combined with proper lawn treatment can control grubs and ensure vigorous growth of your lawn. Hiring the right grub control service is the key to getting grubs under control.

    Why contact CGC for help with grub control?

    Contacting us for help with grub control is the first step towards the restoration of the vigor and health of your lawn damaged by grub infestation. We are experts with experience in providing lawn care in Omaha. Investing in our grub control service will pay back with a vibrant, healthy lawn. Regardless of the extent of the damage that grubs have caused on your lawn, we will make it grow vigorously and shine again.

    In addition to controlling grubs in your lawn, we guide you on how to prevent future grub infestations. We help you enhance the natural defense of your lawn. A healthy lawn will always ward off grubs because it has a strong immune system. Hire our lawn care service now to have a healthy lawn that is free of grubs.