• Fungus Control

  • The focus of most commercial and residential property owners is on keeping their lawns free of pests such as insects. They do not know that they should be equally concerned about fungus. Fungus can greatly interfere with the proper and healthy growth of a lawn. Taking appropriate fungus control measures will help to ensure a healthy lawn.

    Most Omaha lawns contain fungus spores. Some fungal attacks are difficult to deal with especially if they are left to escalate. Such fungal infections are common during high rainfall seasons when lawn fungus can easily cripple the lawn.

    Among the most common types of fungus that affect lawn includes:

    • Fairy ring
    • Pink snow mold
    • Rust
    • Slime mold

    All these have unique characteristics and identifying the exact fungus in your lawn requires knowledge and experience. This is why you need help of lawn care experts to control fungus in your lawn. We have experts who are familiar with different types of fungus that are prevalent in lawns in Omaha. For the past 15 years we have helped our clients control the different types of fungus that affect lawns in this region.

    Using the best methods and products, we will help you deal with any type of fungus in your lawn.

    Contact us to deal with lawn fungus problem once and for all.