• Fertilization

  • Fertilization is an important aspect of lawn maintenance. It is more than simply applying any fertilizer on your lawn. After hiring our service, we analyze your lawn carefully to determine the right fertilizer to apply on it. We ensure that the fertilizer that we apply on your lawn enables it to thrive and grow vigorously.

    To ensure that your lawn stays healthy, we design an annual fertilization program whose focus is on maintaining a bright, green lawn while preventing and controlling broadleaf weeds. This program will also strengthen your lawn to better enable it to regrow after a harsh winter.

    Our Fertilization Program

    The fertilization program has five to seven major steps, depending on the needs of your lawn.

    They are as follows:

    1. Early spring fertilization
    2. Late spring fertilization
    3. Grub control
    4. Summer fertilization
    5. Fall fertilization
    6. Winterizer

    Each of these steps has its importance in improving the appearance and strength of your lawn. We are a lawn care and landscape company that wants you to have the best lawn and landscape in Omaha. Why admire the lawn of your neighbors? Instead, they should be admiring yours! We enable you to have an exemplary lawn in your commercial or residential property. We use quality fertilizers in every step to ensure that you realize the results that you desire. Your grass will always be greener and more attractive once you let us take care of it.