• Hedge, Bush & Tree Trimming

  • Hedge, Bush & Tree Trimming Service

    Proper trimming of trees, hedges and bushes complements a beautiful looking lawn. Trimming of bushes and trees must be done in a professional manner to ensure that they thrive. At Complete Grounds Care we deliver professional tree and bush trimming service. We have state-of-the-art equipment to meet your tree and lawn needs. The most appropriate time to trim tree and bushes is mid-spring and late summer.

    In order to achieve the best results, our team of experts uses a powered or a hand held hedge trimmer depending on the trimming needs. In some cases we will call in a licensed arborist. We are committed to keeping your hedges, trees and shrubs looking their best, making your landscape so attractive that it complements the beauty of your property.

    Benefits of trimming hedges, trees and bushes

    • Improves plant appearance and enhances flower and fruit development.
    • Pruning and trimming help to maintain a desired shape and size while keeping your bushes dense and elegant.
    • Promote optimal tree health – Our work is to remove any dead branches that have been damaged by insects, animals or disease.

    Contact us today if you require professional hedge, tree and bush trimming service. All our work is guaranteed. We will also give you free advice on pruning, fertilization, watering and preventive lawn, bush and tree insect control.