• Aeration

  • Proper aeration plays a very important role of ensuring that your lawn is always growing vigorously. It enables the lawn to breathe and to grow properly. When aeration is combined with the right fertilization program, the lawn will become thicker and stronger. It will also be able to resist the impact of summer stress and long winters.

    We can aerate your lawn to ensure that it remains healthy while maintaining its beautiful appearance. We use the right equipment to aerate your lawn. Our experts ensure that this task is completed professionally and on time.

    Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

    There are many benefits that come with lawn aeration. These benefits help in controlling soil properties and maintaining the health of your lawn.  

    The main benefits of lawn aeration can be summarized as follows:

    • Relieving soil compaction
    • Managing thatch
    • Improving air, nutrients and water penetration into the soil
    • Stimulating root growth

    Our lawn aeration program uses lawn aerators that have been tested and proven to be effective in aerating lawns properly. Our lawn aeration specialists are experts that know the right specifications and techniques for aerating your type of lawn. Trust our service to ensure the best aeration that your lawn needs to grow healthier, stronger and more attractive.